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    Help with setting a dynamic axis range

    Hami Tipene



      I would like to create a lower axis value that changes according to user input. My current workbook is below - it is a waterfall chart tracking revenue change throughout the year. The problem is that the majority of the value is start and end revenue, and so if the axis starts from zero, you lose most of the important detail in the graph. In the below graph, I would like to set the lower axis value to ~45M, at the lower end of the intermediate values in the graph.


      Now I could fix the axis - however the intention is that the user can choose the product and year, and as the totals will change based on this input, fixing the axis won't help. I have tried the solution I saw online which is to set an invisible reference line, but I have not been able to get this to work. If you could please show me what I am doing wrong here, I would greatly appreciate it!


      Tableau Screenshot.png

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          Sujay Paranjpe

          Hi Hami,


          Its a very common problem.


          1. Right click on axis and select 'Edit Axis'. You will find following dialog box.

          2. Select the 'Fixed' Radio Button. This option allows you to set you lower and upper limits for the values on axis.

          3. In the first drop-down (marked by black line) select "Fixed' and assign a value of 45mil in the red box.

          4. Leave the second drop down to Automatic. This should solve your problem.