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    Very Simple Question

    . Ctsuhako



      Relatively new to Tableau and I can't seem to wrap my head around this simple exercise. I have three measures Books, Magazines and Total that I get from a database. The Total measure is already calculated (Books + Magazines = Total). I have four dimensions East, West, North and South as well as a Year dimension. I simply want to see what percentage of Books and Magazine are sold per region and I just can't get it. Sorry for the stupid question!

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          Jim Dehner



          It's easiest to help when you attach a workbook as a ***.twbx file - but that said I would suggest you layout a text table with the totals sales for the category and regions you are looking at Then go to the measure (i am assuming it is sales) on the Make it into a table calculation and there is a drop down where you will select % of Total

          Let me know if this helped