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    Percentage change between two fields with up and down shape in red and green color

    Snehasis Pradhan

      Hi Guys


      Am trying to build a dashboard where I have data for GB for 2 products for different time range

      for example HR_L1_currentyear, Retail_L1_currentyear, HR_L7_currentyear and Retail_L7_CurrentYear are my columns and after every respective column, I want to show the %change compared to previous year with shape of UP and down and also colored in red(if < 0) and green(if > 0)

      the calculated field would look like- HR_L1%change=(hr_L1_currentyear - hr_L1_perviousyear)/hr_L1_perviousyear.


      the columns would be like- HR_L1_CY          HR_L1%change          Retail_L1_CY          Retail_L1%change

      similarly for other fields. Attached is the workbook for your reference.


      Kindly let me know if this is possible and how do I execute it.


      Thank you!