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    How do I add a "click" funtion that links to details on a separate worksheet

    Jennifer Hysuick

      I am in the process of creating a workbook that needs to be able to start at the highest level of detail, and then drill down to the nitty gritty details.  Right now I have a worksheet that simply has data listed, and the goal is to click on one of the cells and have it open the details for that value. I know I can right click and view the details of that value, but I am planning to extract additional details for the value and join the data sources.


      I work in post secondary, and the master report lists our programs with the number of student in a program, the number of those student who were retained, the number who graduated, and the number who were not retained. I am aiming to be able to click on the number who were not retained, and open up the worksheet that has the details from a different data source that contains the demographic details for that student, joining on the student ID.


      I am not able to upload a sample packaged workbook at this time as I have not yet gotten the demographic details extracted, and without really knowing how to do all of this in Tableau, I'm also trying to determine the best way to have the details extracted.


      I'm fairly new to Tableau, and most of what I have done is a result of googling and trial and error, but I have not been able to google and find something that is working for me.


      Thank you.