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    Trouble getting bell curve

    Lance Van Fleet

      I work in the food manufacturing industry and have been asked to plot some fill weights and then show a bell curve with standard deviation. We normally use mini-tab for this sort of information but we have transitioned over to Redzone for collecting our data which is connected to Tableau. I am having some trouble getting the curve to look the way it does when I input the data in mini-tab. I feel that I am close but have a feeling that the formula I used to get the curve needs to be tweaked. The bell curve in mini-tab is compared to the mean of the data but in Tableau I am unable to get this calculation.


      The calculation to get the curve is: IFNULL((1/([Standard Deviation]*SQRT(2*PI())))*EXP((-(ABS([Variance])^2/(2*[Standard Deviation]^2)))),1)

      This does not create a smooth curve.Bell Curve..JPG


      Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.