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    Graph axis scaling issue with aggregate time durations

    aubrey xiong

      I am trying to create a line graph for time over month.

      The time field is a duration that was calculated through DATEDIFF in seconds, then using the solution found in the second to last comment on Convert numbers to hours:minutes , I converted the seconds into hours. This calc called for aggregating the seconds before converting, and was the only calc I've found online for that conversion step that worked for me. The formatting afterwards was a bit tricky - I found that I couldn't use hh:mm to denote my hours and minutes fields, but 00:00 worked, so I stuck with that.

      The issue I have now is that when am creating the line graph for this data, I cannot format the axis scaling for the life of me. As you can see here


      The time mark that I am hovering over is 2 hours and 58 minutes, only 2 minutes off from 3 hours. However, the axis intervals are intent on interpreting my time format in minutes as a 1-100 kind of thing, and my marks are completely off at representing my minutes field. So instead of 02:58 showing up really close to 03:00, it is now appearing at a little over halfway between 02:00 and 03:00. I tried changing tick mark steps and the number format of the axis, nothing helps. And of course, I can't change the "duration in hours" field into DateTime because it only works as a float, and I can't change the number format to anything other than 00:00.

      Does anyone have a solution for me? I have several duration fields that I've calculated using the method I mentioned above and I really need to display the minutes accurately. Thank you!