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    Calculations invalid in data grid - Tableau 9.3

    Prashant Gandhi

      Hi Experts,


      Tableau version : 9.3

      DB - MS Sql server 2008


      I'm done with building a work book which have many calculations , sets and few parameters. I have used extracts, and expected the extract to refresh on tableau server. I published my workbook to server and had set a refresh, but noticed that its failing due to few calculation which are invalid (Red ! mark) in data grid only. In my Viz everything looks to be good.


      I'm able to refresh the workbook in the tableau desktop as well.


      But when I checked the invalid calculations in data grid, I see they use parameters. And for some reason its does not like the parameters. I tried to replace the parameters with new one, but that is of no use.


      One of the invalid calculation e.g :    IF [Region Agg]= "Summary" Then "All Regions" Else [Region] END.


      Where [Region Agg] is the parameter and [Region] is a data column.


      I don't understand what is the issue in using the parameter here. I tried replacing the data source , but when I do so many of my calculations get corrupted including the sets.


      Will be great of you experts can help me on this.