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    Presto 157t not fully supported.  Here's the workaround.

    Mark Chen

      For Tableau 10.1.4, the Presto driver supplied does NOT support Presto 157t fully.  The documentation for Tableau indicates that only 141t is supported.  We were forced to upgrade our Presto instance to 157t recently and immediately encountered issues with Tableau Desktop.  Specifically, we're able to navigate schemas, tables, and views through a connection to Presto.  However, when attempting to drag tables or views into the data source pane, we received an un-killable Loading Metadata message.  The only way to get out of the loop is to kill the Tableau session.  Clicking Cancel does nothing.


      Diagnosis: In investigating the issue, we discovered that only SOME tables and views exhibited this behavior.  Turns out, it's only tables and views that contain INTEGER fields. 


      Workaround:  If working with tables containing INTEGER fields, use the Custom SQL Query capability and CAST(<integer field> as bigint).


      This seems to work, but really impacts the usability of the Presto connector.  Please upgrade the Presto driver to be 157t compliant!