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    Joining rows from sheets in different workbooks associated with different data sources

    Sunil Bharadwaj

      I am relatively new to Tableau and want to check whether I can accomplish the following and if so how I would go about achieving it. I am using Tableau desktop and server version 9.3.11. Thanks in advance.


      I have 2 workbooks ( a sheet in each workbook) each associated with different data source. The data in both the sheets are related by a field. For example Product Id. Is there a way I can create a new workbook that joins the rows from those 2 sheets. I do not want to try blending data from the data sources since the data in sheets has done all the pre-processing which formats and makes the data related.


      For example rows in sheet in workbook for data source 1 have following

      Product Id Field1 Field2

      1               Value1 Value2

      2               Value3 Value4


      rows in sheet in workbook for data source 2 have following

      Product Id Field 3

      1               Value5

      2               Value6


      I want a new workbook as follows (each row joined by same value of Product Id


      Product Id Field1 Field2 Field 3

      1               Value1 Value2  Value5

      2               Value3 Value4 Value6


      The goal is to be download data from the new workbook as a single file that combines data from the 2 workbooks.