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    MS Access - Unable to create extract

    Rob Innes

      This problem appeared in the current edition: 10.1.4...


      I'm unable to use Microsoft Access database tables as data sources.  This error appears:


      An error occurred while communicating with data source 'Client (Task)',


      Tableau Data Engine Error: 40610: The parameter is incorrect. - OS::listdir(pattern="C:\Users\rob\AppData\Local\Temp\tdetmp0A020279\db\*")


      Unable to create extract


      I have several workbooks whose data I can no longer refresh, as of 10.1.4.  Their MS Access data sources have not changed. 


      And the error appears in a brand new workbook:

      1. Open Tableau Public
      2. Click Access (under Connect) on the left pane
      3. Browse to an .MDB or .ACCDB (doesn't matter), click Open
      4. Drag a table or query into the main panel (doesn't matter), see data preview
      5. Navigate to Sheet1
      6. *Error*


      Any ideas how I can continue using Tableau with MS Access?