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    Download to PDF

    Raveesh Dubey

      Hi All,

      I have a a table in my tableau dashboard which has about a 100000 rows. When I try to display it in dashboard it appears with a scroll bar.

      I am trying to download it to PDF but instead of downloading the entire table all I am able to download is a image to the PDF. Is it possible in tableau to download the entire file to PDF instead of just the image?

      I would really appreciate any inputs here.


      Thank You

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          David Li

          Hi Raveesh, as far as I know, there's no way to get a paginated printout of a dashboard in Tableau. If you can manage to simplify the dashboard so it's just a sheet, however, you can print that sheet in its entirety without a scrollbar.

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            Tharashasank Davuluru

            Hi Raveesh,


            When you try to export to PDF from a dashboard that includes scroll bars, the resulting PDF might include only visible data.Please refer to this KB article which will help you.


            Unable to Export All Data to PDF on Dashboards with Scroll Bars | Tableau Software




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              Joseph Brown

              Hi Raveesh.


              If you have Tableau Server, you can get it to print to PDF the total table.

              A work-around/solution that worked for me :

              1) Open the workbook on Tableau Server.

              2) Top right hand corner, click "Download"

              3)  Change orientation as desired

              4) Choose "Unspecified" for Paper Size

              5) Under Content, choose "Sheets in Dashboard"

              6) Under Sheets in Dashboard, select the sheets you wish to export - in this case, it would be whichever sheet contains your table.

              7) Click Download.


              When you open the PDF, it will show you the full table of data, formatted as it is in Tableau.


              Few caveats:

              i) It seems to only be an option in Tableau Server. The "Print to PDF" in Tableau Desktop seems to have less PDF options strangely.

              ii) It doesn't print the Dashboard view using this method.


              Hopefully this works for you.

              Best regards