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    Selecting Most Recent Row of Data

    Paden Barber



      I am working with clickstream data that has 12 columns and 40-50 million rows.


      Structure is something like


      Story Name | Datetime | Event type ... | Click Slot


      Now I am visualizing these stories based on web page click slot (placement of click).


      The struggle is we are cycling content through slots, so if I put the story name on the slot label, it always returns * (because multiple values exist for the story)


      What's relevant to the dashboard users, however, is the most recent story .


      I need a way to disambiguate that asterisk and instead show the most recent story value based on date time . There are thousands of story values and date times per slot - I need a way to isolate the most recent one and display that value in a label.



      I am at a loss on how to figure this one out - only been using Tableau 6-9 months. IF anyone has any thought I would be very grateful. Thank you