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    Running sales & creating bucket

    Arjun Rai



      Raw data sheet:



      The same data which is attached in Excel sheet.Which we have in tableau data sever so now want to create a calculated field for segment


      In Tableau:

      Now I want to calculate the segment(Top 20%,Middle 40%,Bottom 40%).I want This segment to be report filter and all other measure & dimension dragged to views  should be filtered or calculated accordingly as per the filter applied on segment.


      Excel calculation:

      Pivot is taken for raw data then Sales is sort highest to lowest on account level.Running percentage calculated(Running sales/Total sales)

      Segment is if Running percentage is <20% Then Top 20%

                                                              Between(21% to 60%) then Middle 40%

                                                                 >61% then Bottom 40%


      Example of dashboard:


      Given the example how the dashboard need to be created in tableau and Filter(Segment) should work