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    YOY% total

    Tim Mullady

      I currently have a table that shows YOY% using the this calculated field.


      (SUM([2017 Rev]-[2016 Rev]) / SUM([2016 Rev]))


      It has WEEK(DATE) in the Colums and Revenue in the rows.




      So each week has a YOY% in a table. Can someone help me add a Total Percent and Total $ Revenue to the same table?


      TOTAL PERCENT Calculated field - (RUNNING_SUM(SUM([2017 Rev])) - RUNNING_SUM(SUM([2016 Rev]))) / RUNNING_SUM(SUM([2016 Rev]))


      TOTAL $ REVENUE - (RUNNING_SUM(SUM([2017 Rev])) - RUNNING_SUM(SUM([2016 Rev])))


      I'm not sure how to add an additional column to a table.