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    Calculate Annualized Turnover by month

    Tim Whitley

      Hi all,


      I'm new to Tableau and this is my first post. To give some context to this question, we currently have a monthly scorecard that we run in Excel for the HR department with various metrics including Turnover for each division and for the company as a whole. I'm trying to migrate this into Tableau. Obviously there is a lot more we can do with Tableau but there are some metrics I need to keep as we try to transition from a monthly scorecard to something that can be updated and tracked in real-time. What I'm trying to do here is definitely not the best use for Tableau but, in this transition time, I need to be able to provide. Here goes...


      I've attached an Excel spreadsheet which shows what we currently produce. This data is randomized but would show all the terminations for one division for 2016. Annualized turnover is calculated each month by averaging the year to date turnover and dividing that by the average headcount for the year as you can see in Row 7. The turnover data actually comes from a full report of all terminations that is easy to work with. What I'm having trouble with is the headcount data as I just get an aggregate number for each division and the company as a whole for each month. This table is shown below the first table on my attached sheet.


      This data is for all of 2016 but this is something that I would be doing on a month by month basis. So, for example, right now, I would be filling in all of the terminations for January and adding the headcount as of the end of the month. I would put all of these numbers into a table for each division which aggregates into a company total. This is easy in Excel but am struggling with how to do it in Tableau and to keep the year to date data. It may be a simple solution that I am just overthinking.


      How do I join this data since my termination report is just a list of terminations but my headcount report is just an aggregated table? There is nothing linking the two. Would I create a calculated field for each month?


      Thank you in advance for your help and I apologize in advance if this was confusing.