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    Previous YTD and Current YTD

    Jason Kleinhans

      Good day , I have created a calculation that will give me value period and value previous but my values are not corresponding to my erp system values.

      You will notice that I have created a parameter to give me the calendar months so that I can calculated the period. I need to compare stock of previous year vs this year . Please advise if this is the correct way of doing it , if not can you please advise

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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Jason,


          Check out the rewritten formulas for cost Amount (Current Period) (copy 2)  and previous year in the attached viz.


          I have changed Period to Period (Copy) using :

          DATETRUNC('month',[Posting Date])=datetrunc('month',[Month of Posting Date Parameter])


          and Previous Year to Previous Year (Copy) using:

          datetrunc('month',[Posting Date])=datetrunc('month',dateadd('month',-12,[Month of Posting Date Parameter]))


          I hope this helps.




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