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    Makeover Monday Week 6 2017 - Chicago Taxis - Analysis, Feedback and Discussion

    Chris Love

      Does anyone have anything to share from Week 6? Week 5 is here if you're interested.


      Some notes as posted every week:


      Makeover Monday is a fantastic project taking place mainly over on Twitter under the #makeovermonday hashtag. Not everyone participates with Makeover Monday with the same aims or objectives; some use it for Tableau practice, while others use it to hone their visualisation skills, others would prefer to focus on the analysis delivered by the end visualisation.


      Feedback and analysis is hard in short Twitter posts, and not always welcome by everyone, and so I wanted to create a space where people could "opt-in" to sharing their Makeover Monday visualisations with the expectation that feedback on their visualisation and analysis is encouraged expected, and that there are no right answers or experts, only enthusiastic practitioners. Together we might not find the perfect answers but we'll all learn something along the way.


      A few etiquette points:


      • let's not critique the choices Andy and Eva make for Makeover Monday datasets, it's virtually impossible for them to make everyone happy and so they have a thankless task. You should however feel free to suggest alternative datasets that might answer the same question in better ways.
      • try not to critique specific visualisations on Twitter unless the author has "opted in" by sharing on this thread.
      • be polite and professional, not personal, with feedback.
      • take all feedback in the manner it is offered, if you're likely to be offended by someone disagreeing with your point of view (assuming they are polite and professional) then perhaps don't continue to read or contribute to this thread.
      • try not to bring others into the conversation through tagging unless they have "opted in" (e.g. Andy and Eva may be too busy to contribute here and on Twitter)