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    Help on Authentication

    Larsen Rennie

      Hello All


      I have one questions is that we have some reports developed in the Tableau Desktop which we want to share with the People who are in the Company Network but also to other people who are not in the Company Network . So My question is how should we achieve this because i think we cannot  use mixed mode authentication in Tableau . I am mentioning  some points belows. Please guide me on these as i will be very thankful to all of you



      1) If i set up Local Authentication mode while configuring Tableau Server will i have to create identity for each and every individual users on the Tableau Server because we have around 1000 of users


      2) if i create Local Authentication can i set the Up the Row level Security for the People who wants to consume the Reports but are not on the Company Network


      3) if i use Active Directory Authentication  and  embed the Tableau Dashboard on  the Central Web Portal , will those people who are not on the Company Network but are users of the Web Portal and have access to the Web Portal . Will they be able to see the Reports without being added on the Tableau Server because i heard somewhere that through Trusted Authetication we can Achieve this . Is this Possible



      Let me know which is the most easy and the feasible way in which we can manage both our Active Directory Users as well the users who are not Part of the Company Network



      Thanks all in Advance







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          Hey Larsen,


          The answer depends on if you have a core license or an interactor license. With a core license you can create guest access which will not require the users to have an account to view the viz and can also let you filter what data is seen by the guest user, while retaining user filters for in-network users. Do you know what you have?