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    Configuring SAML

    prem kannan

      HI There,.

                We are trying to configure SAML for the tableau.I'm not very with the below 2 points...


      1. What is the "SAML certificate key file" is it the key file which will be created to be sent to the SSL provider(.csr)

          If thats the case, do we need to remove the passphrase from the key.

      openssl rsa -in server.key.org -out server.key


      2.What is the crt file to be used for "SAML certificate file".

      Is it the SSL certificate given by the SSL provider (If SSL is already installed for the site, can we take it from the Browser-URL )



      Pls clarrify. I tried many documents (SAML Configuration - help with certificate and key file please ) But the point 2 is not clear at all..



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          Hey Prem,


          1. I believe you'll need your passphrase.

          2. If you have a third-party IDP you should be able to contact them to receive the necessary certificate.


          This sort of question may be best sent to support as they may need to see where the process is breaking and look at logs.