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    Getting Percentage of Total Records (Filtered & Unfiltered)

    Jillian Bejtlich

      My colleague and I are rather new to Tableau, but I promise we've spent the entire morning scouring the community for answers. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I have a feeling this community knows the answer!


      Every year we do a big research project that involves a lengthy survey full of numeric fields, multiple choice questions, and checkboxes. In the past, we've used thousands of COUNTIFS and AVERAGEIFS in Excel to get the data segments we need, but this year we've outgrown our former methods.


      All we're trying to do is figure out what percentage of the total number of records (filtered) have specific checkboxes selected. For example, I know that our total number of records (unfiltered) is 81. With the filter I'm currently focused on, it's 62. Therefore, I'd like Tableau to show me the percentage breakdown of 10/62, 16/62, and so on. See screenshot below.



      I know calculated fields would be a logical solution for this, but we need to have the data far more dynamic than that will allow and I'd rather not have to write out more than 100 calculated fields when the data is right there in front of me. We've explored table calculations, but just keep ending up with 100% which isn't correct (yes, it's user error - we're learning).


      I can't share the file itself as it's loaded with a lot of data we can't publicly post. I hope the screenshot above will suffice.


      Thank you all for your help!


      ~Jillian (and Ted)