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    How to display three different values on Tableau 10.1 map at the same time?

    Panagiotis Iossif


      I'm new to Tableau and I'm struggling since last night with maps, which are very useful for my research. Here attached is the file I want to work with (at least, a very small part of it). I'm working with coin hoards which contain different kinds of coins: tetradrachms, silver fractions, and bronzes. I can get maps for each one of them separately but I want to have all three values in one map where these values would be indicated either by symbol of color! I've seen almost all pages related to these issues but I still cannot figure out how to do it! Furthermore, since I'm asking, I wonder how to make my symbols on the map proportional to their size: the biggest number of coins, the largest circle. For instance, when I display "tetradrachms" in hoards around the areas of circulation, all of them come with the same size of circle! Any help would be more than welcome in this early stage of my Tableau learning.