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    Tableau Server :: Simultaneously logged into multiple sites

    Joseph Bertram

      Hi Everyone,


      We were playing around with an approach of having a "In Progress" site and a "Completed" site on the same Tableau Server.  Workbooks still in progress would be put in the in progress site and similarly completed workbooks get migrated to the completed Site.


      Once in awhile, we like to open two browser tabs in chrome to compare the completed site to the in progress site side by side but we notice all kinds of strange behaviors when we do this. It's almost like the cookies or browser variables are common between the two tabs and actions taken in one tab affect the other tab.


      To re-produce:


      1) Log into the Tableau Server

      2) Open two tabs.

      3) Tab 1, pick site A

      4) Tab 2, pick site B

      5) Tab 2, click content -> Workbooks

      6) (Tab 1) Switch back to tab 1 and note that it now shows site B instead of Site A in the site drop as well as the content is for site A.

      7) (Tab 1) Stay in tab 1 and click content and cycle through (left-click)  the options projects -> Workbooks -> Views -> data sources and the site dropdown seems to change between Site A/B.


      I'm not sure what causes this but I'm assuming there are shared variables across the tabs that are getting updated.


      Is this type of usage not supported?  Does anyone know the root cause?


      Do we need to do this in separate browsers (i.e. chrome/mozilla, chrome/opera)?