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    Configuring Tabjolt tests - question

    Scott Saniuk

      I am getting started using tabjolt to estimate our capacity.  We are starting with a single 8-core server with 32 GB of RAM.  I am trying to understand how to best simulate our workload via a tabjolt test.  An example would be - we have an email blast that will generate about 200 clicks an hour to a tableau workbook.  If I run tabjolt with d=3600 and c=200 - will that simulate 200 users hitting the view spread out over an hour? 


      That seems like the way it should work to me, but I wasn't clear on whether tableau would distribute that load evenly over the duration of the test, or whether the "users" would simply visit that view one time (which is what we want), or whether they would be hitting it multiple times during that hour.