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    Looking for some assistance with LOD Calculations and Blending over Date Fields

    Aaron Mendelson

      Hello -


      I'm hoping someone can give me a bit of assistance.   I've been working on a viz for quite sometime and just can't get it to come together.   Here is the scenario:


      I have a database with two tables that I'm interested in getting data out of.  


      One table (scores) has an individual record for each ride a registered rider goes on.  It is has a timestamp field with the following standard:  M/D/Y H:M:S. 


      The other table (arider) has a record for each day with the total number of rides that are taken by unregistered riders.   It has a timestamp field (called Day) that is in the following format:  M/D/Y



      I am trying to see the total number of rides that are taken each day using a stacked bar chart.   


      I can create bar charts that accurately show the total number of rides of registered riders and a separate one that shows the total number of unregistered rides.   But, I can't seem to get it accurate when I try to blend the two types of data and create a stacked bar chart.  


      I have attached the packaged workbook to this document.    The viz was created in version 10.1.4.  


      Thank you, in advance, for any assistance you can send my way.