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    dashboard action to filter on measure names


      I have only 1 dimension which is date and 4 measures (Sales, Cost of Sales, Ship Cost and Service Fee). I created 2 worksheets, one with my 4 measures in my columns showing in a table format. I want to have one dashboard that will have actions such that when I click on one measure in my table, a line graph showing the measure I clicked on will display in my dashboard and only the measure I selected will show in my table. Thanks

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          Steve Taylor



          I'm not sure this can be done with the Measure Names dimension, however, you could use the pivot function in the data source window on your measures so that you get the Pivot Field Names and Pivot Field Values that will act as standard dimensions & measures so could be used in actions as usual.


          This relies on your datasource being one that can be pivoted in tableau (excel, csv, google sheets etc), if not then the same thing can be done using custom SQL (with lots of unioning)


          Let me know if you need me to show that in an example workbook