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    Experiences with User Group Newsletters?

    Alex Dixon



      I'm one of the co-leaders of the (new) Lexington TUG, and wanted to get some feedback on your experiences with periodic newsletters to your respective user groups. During our first meetup was had every attendee (27) state that they'd like to be signed up for our newsletter, and we're currently holding strong at 41 signups. I have a hunch that getting information out via our TUG community page might be a bit difficult (at least in the beginning), so I'm looking for this to be our primary method of communication, and a great way to engage with user group members in between meetups.


      Some information about our newsletter:

      • The mailing list is only to be used for monthly newsletters. Any announcements that can't be made in a newsletter will be posted on our TUG's community webpage. To prevent it from feeling like spam, and to get TUG members in the habit of checking the community page.
      • Content includes: upcoming events (e.g., meetups, Tableau Conference, socials, etc.), user group announcements (e.g., sponsorship changes, local viz contests, etc.), Tableau related news (e.g., new releases, selected blog posts, reminders about free training available), and data-specific career opportunities (i.e., specific to Lexington and surrounding areas (Louisville and Cincinnati) that our TUG members are located).
      • The newsletter is being design in and driven by Mailchimp.


      Some questions I have for you wonderful folks:

      1. If you currently have a newsletter, or have had one in the past for your TUGs, what was your experience with it? What was the frequency (monthly, bi-weekly, etc.)?
      2. What kind of content would you recommend outside of what's listed above? What are your TUGs interested in?
      3. How do you drive traffic to you TUG community page, and what advice do you have for a new TUG in overcoming this hurdle?


      For anyone interested in signing up for our newsletter to get ideas for your own TUGs, feel free to sign up here: http://eepurl.com/cx9w7T