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    Web Data Connector V2, driver necessary?

    Thomas Fabian

      Hi experts


      We have downloaded the SDK for the WDC.

      Our datasource is an api of Chartmogul.com


      With Qlik Web Connector we are able to access the file.

      With tableau we are not successful.

      Does anyone know what to fill up in the lines for Connection Name / Connection data?


      Do we Need an additional driver in this context?

      Thank you.



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          Hi Thomas,


          I do not have much personal experience with the web data connector feature of Tableau Desktop. But, there is an amazing community space for the development of custom code, for use in Tableau Desktop. I suggest posting on the Tableau Community page specifically for WDC, which is found here: Web Data Connector


          Additionally, Tableau also has a GitHub page that it monitors, Issues · tableau/webdataconnector · GitHub, posting here is a good way to get help on custom code. The Tableau Desktop developers actually monitor the Tableau GitHub, and the Tableau GitHub gives the chance for the direct customer to developer connections to be made.


          I hope this helps!