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    Issue with Calc Statement

    Milton Forde



      I'm hoping someone can help me as I have reached a wall.  I have statements that will give me weight size ranges for the coffee category.  Specific ounce ranges based on the packaging for bags and cans and count ranges based on kcups.  This all resides in the data coming in.  The count size calculations works fine, but my ounce ranges are not populating and I've tried every different scenario in trying to figure out why.


      Attached is a sample workbook that hopefully some one will be able to pin point what I am missing.  The single serve tab is fine, calculations are working.  The bags and cans tab is where I'm having my issue.  Nothing is populating and I'm getting null.  The bags and cans size in my dimension is where my issue is with calculations.


      Thank you in advance.




      PS - i'm working off the 9.0 version because of my client.

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          Shinichiro Murakami

          I found errors on [BAGS AND CANS SIZE] and [Size Calc]

          Primary "OUNCES" does not exist, only "OUNCE"


          I modified other several tiny things and don't know what is essential.


          You can compare "original" and "-SM"



          [BAGS AND CANS SIZE]


          RIGHT([Base Size],6) = "OUNCES")



          RIGHT([Base Size],5) = "OUNCE")



          one more thing, attaching packaged workbook is really helpful, but if the sample file is smaller like less than 2MB,

          it's easier to try for more people.





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            Milton Forde

            Ok, thank you Shin.


            I will give these changes a try on my end.   Yes, sorry for the large file, I will supply a smaller one next time.


            Again, thank you for your help.  I really appreciate it.



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