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    Tableau 10: Excel 'live' connection problems


      Hi there,


      I have an Excel 'live' connection to a Tableau 10 workbook (no TDE).


      On some occasions when users try to save the Excel file, an error message appears stating the file is 'already in use' and cannot be saved.  The Excel file is not open elsewhere otherwise "read-only" would appear from the outset when opening the file.


      After researching this, I read that back in version 8.0 there was a potential lock issue with files over a certain size (1mb I think), but this was fixed in future versions.  The file we have is 17mb in size.  The lock doesn't happen all of the time and the error is intermittent.


      Has anyone experienced similar issues and, if so, could you please shed some light on this?


      Many thanks in advance.