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    Line Chart - Blending Actual with Forecast and plot against Budget

    Sujay Paranjpe

      Hello All,


      I have data for financial year and there are 3 pieces of information. My Fin Year is July to June


      1. Budget for each month

      2. Actual until the latest reporting period.

      3. Forecast for all the months after reporting period.


      For example (assuming Dec Actual numbers are reported):




      I need to build a simple line chart with following requirement.

      1. Trend line for the budget for full year (12 marks) with blue color

      2. Single trend line for actual and forecast (6 marks each) with actual in grey color and forecast in green color.

      3. Both these lines on a single line chart, of course :-)


      P.S. I actually want forecast to be dashed line or dotted line but I am aware that Tableau cannot draw dashed lines.