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    Creating a viz for pre and post data

    Jessamyn Luiz



      I have a visualization (see attached) that I was told was done in Tableau to show the change in survey responses before and after a program, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it.  I've tried using the pre and post data that I have with bar, stacked bar and bar and whisper plots, but none of them show the distribution of responses in one bar like the attached viz does.  The charts I've tried will show me each response, but it won't show the distribution of all the responses together.


      Can anyone tell me how to do this?


      Thank you in advance for your help!

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          Tom W

          It's not really clear to me exactly what the definition of your jpg sample is. Are these meant to be a count of responses or a percentage of responses?


          I think a good starting point for you might be to use 'Measure Names' and 'Measure Values' like this;

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            Jessamyn Luiz

            Thank you very much, Tom.   That is exactly what I need!  It looks like the filters are the trick. 


            I think the JPG reflects the mean scores for each category of response rather than the number of responses as in my data, but I'll try it with the full responses rather than the response tally now that you've shown me how to get it all in one bar. 


            Many thanks!