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    Count users broken by gender

    Max Gurrola

      Hello guys, when I got this requirement I said piece of cake but for the love of god I just cant make this work, I am new to tableau and this is what I need to accomplish.

      Right now I have the data as shown in the screen below.




      You see I have 2 tables, the user table and the user_who_follow_me table. They are related by user_id and the second table has a list of the users that follow each other user.

      In the screen above you can see the top users who have the most followers.




      What I want to do is simply break down the users who follow the users shown in the screen by male = 2 and female = 1

      I don't care if I have to make 2 sheets and then put them inside a dashboard, I have tried using a calculated field but being such noob I don't know what's wrong or what am I doing.


      Something similar to this is what I need...I guess.


      IF [Gender Ref Id] = 1 THEN COUNT([User Who Follow Me Id]) END


      Only count if male and then in another sheet count if female.