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    How to make Tableau week alighned with system week?

    Claire Chen



      Our system has its own week number, and the week number that Tableau generated automatically doesn't match with my system's week number even they have the same Week End Date after 2016 week 52. Our week is Monday to Sunday and I already changed the date properties in Tableau. Does anyone know how to make the Tableau week align with my system week?




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          Jamieson Christian



          You will probably need to compute these yourself, to take into account the specifics of how your financial reporting deals with beginning- and end-of-year. I've had to do something similar with our company, which is on a fiscal 4-4-5 calendar (effectively rendering MONTH(Date), and to a lesser extent WEEK(Date), unusable for us).


          Is there any reason you can't compute the values you need from BP_Year and BP_Week? The below are possibly oversimplifications, but illustrate the basic approach.


          [Year of End Date]



          [Week of End Date]

          INT(RIGHT([BP_Week], 2))


          [Quarter of End Date]

          MIN(4, INT([Week of End Date]) / 13)