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    Need to simply provide selection for years of service and job title and have a dynamic table produce the median and max/min from a calculated equation of a line.

    Timothy schmandt

      This component works well in my dashboard – I can select position by district and get individual data points as well as descriptive
      stats such as median, interquartile range etc


          In a second component of the dashboard I want the ability to type in yrs. of experience (exp-total) in a field or slider box…. select a position
      and have the table calculate and display median, high and low based on a fitted line equation.  I am stuck on how to make yrs of experience (exp-total) which
      is in my data source to be selectable and autochange the table results

      Example: something like this


      I can easily do in excel or xcelsius but am new to tableau and quite frankly stuck on this seemingly trivial task.  I have two books and watched some videos
      without luck.  I think my mindset isstuck in my old methodologies.  I would appreciate any insight. In excel….