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    Actions not working when sent to others

    Thejeswini R



      I am Thejeswini (ANALYST). Recently I started working on tableau desktop. I have prepared two storyboards. In a separate dashboard , I have created 2 tabs named X and Y lets say giving action to open its respective storyboard. This dashboard also has 3 global filters. All these are working perfectly in my laptop. Basically, I had created all these in my laptop itself in Tableau 9.2 version. As the file was not getting uploaded in outlook to send it to my manager, I placed in a share drive that our team has access to and then I sent the link of the path. Now the problem is, the actions given on tabs to open into its respective storyboard is not working in their laptops even though they also have the same version of tableau desktop.


      I checked if the filters/ actions on that tab are present or not and even re-did the process of adding the action in their laptops. Nothing worked.


      I have to send this file to my business partner, and I don't want this error to show up at his side also, can any one help me out with this?


      Thanks in advance