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    Switching from PC to Mac


      I'm about to switch from a pc to a mac. I work with Tableau Desktop 10.1. Any Tableau users recently made the switch and willing to share their experience? I need to know what I should be aware of, i.e. unsupported features on the mac version, compatibility with the PC files, etc. 

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          Chris McClellan

          My work machine is a Windows 10 laptop, my personal machine is a MacBook Pro running OS X 10.something (NOT the latest, probably about 2 dot versions behind).


          That's been my setup for many years, I use Tableau on both in exactly the same way - twb & twbx files are completely interchangable.  The ONLY thing that I miss on OS X (and only sometimes) is when I need to create a legacy connection to an Excel file in order to write Custom SQL ... you can't do that on OS X.  That said, the last time I needed to do something like that was approx a year ago.

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