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    Action filters with multiple data sources

    Anne Houser

      I am trying to add action filters to my dashboard so that all views/sheets in the dashboard will interact with each other. I am running into a problem because there are multiple data sources that were used to create the sheets in the dashboard.


      I created the filters via Dashboard >  Actions > Add Action > Filter. I chose the dashboard to apply to, then only kept one of the sheets checked for the source sheet, but had all sheets checked for the target sheet from the same dashboard. The run action was Menu and Clearing the selection will Show all Values. However, when I try to use the filter in the dashboard, it does not function as expected. For some of the filters I created, it will only interact with a select number of the sheets. for others, it does not interact with anything.


      Unfortunately I am unable to include a packaged workbook as I am working with PHI.


      Any help is appreciated. Thank you!