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    How to have a color coded view based on highest, second highest, third highest measure and so on

    ankita vaishnav

      I have a dashboard as shown below in the screenshot. I want to change the color for each quarter for each country. Under  YTD Q1-Avg, Highest to lowest country wise value is 1) 4.8 % 2)2.5 3)2.3 . based on their ranking the color should change.The Calculation that I have added to color works for YTD Q1-Avg but from the YTD Q2-Avg, YTD Q3-Avg and YTD Q4-Avg it doesnt color the value based on highest to lowest . it just follows the color code of YTD Q1-Avg blindly. please guide me as to how can Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 follow correct color code based on each country from high to low value.Attaching the twbx file.