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    Forecasting Revenue

    Nhung Nguyen

      Hi All,


      I am struggling with the revenue forecast.

      Below is my initial report. I calculated the

      IF [Date Revised]< TODAY() THEN

      DATEDIFF('month',[TODAY],[Est. Comp Date])

      ELSEIF [Date Revised]> TODAY() THEN

      DATEDIFF('month',[Date Revised],[Est. Comp Date])


      ( while date revised = IFNULL([Actual Start Date],[Est. Start Date]))

      Then EST. Monthly BILL = remaining to bill/ Month DIFF

      My next mission is building the flow chart to see the volume of revenue in the future, then I hit to big issues here:

      - First of all, with the jobs which has not started yet, how can I make the month DIFF consistently with the jobs that already started in the chart below?

      - Secondly, when I calculate the EST. Monthly BILL = remaining to bill/ Month DIFF. For example, the job TX116037

      the EST. Monthly BILL will only show up in the chart when month diff = 2, but this amount should add to month diff = 1 and 2 as well. which calculation I can use to solve that problem?


      Thank you for your time.


      Best Regards,