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    Work force analysis (week over week) report

    Rama Potla

      Hi Tableau team

      i am creating report for week over week changes for HRIS data.

      I am working for one of the report that has to show who ever newly joined on that week (Friday to Thursday).

      In our data we have assignment start date ,contract start date and contractor end date.

      based on these fields i cant able to achieve what i want because we may have other than contractors(full time emp will not have contract start and end date) and who were working for other LOB previously they may moved to some other LOB(assignment start date wont change).

      Is there any other way to pull data other than date field in this case.

      Please advice me how to proceed further and i cant publish workbook as per rules

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          Jamieson Christian



          Without a sample workbook, it's difficult to guide you, unfortunately.


          When someone moves to another LOB, do they need to be reported as "newly joined"? If not, it sounds like "Assignment Start Date" is the best indicator of when they should appear as "newly joined".


          If you do need to report them as "newly joined" when they move to another LOB, then the fields you described don't sound like they have the information you need. In that case, you'll need to look around for some place where that information does exist, and figure out how to incorporate it into your data; or modify one or more processes (human or technical) to start collecting the level of detail that you require for your report.


          Sorry I can't be more help.

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            Rama Potla

            Hi Jamieson,

            I appreciate your response!!!

            we need to treat them as "Newly joined" to that LOB and show it in the report.

            what type information do i need to gather to fulfill this report.can you please explain it briefly so that i can able to ask to provide.

            here i am strongly believing that i need appropriate date field is that true or can we able create this report other than date field?




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              Jamieson Christian



              You are absolutely correct. If you want to report on the date they changed LOB, you need that date in your data source — or you need to be able to deduce that date from the information you already have. It sounds like you cannot deduce the date, so you will need to have the date explicitly captured in the data.


              Good luck!