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    My incremental refresh overlaps with full refresh

    Will Packard

      Objective: I have a large datasource extract on Tableau Server. I want to run an hourly incremental refresh six days a week, and then run a full refresh once a week on the seventh day. I have a global user base, so I need to run the hourly refresh 24-hours a day on weekdays. There is a window on the weekends when I can run the full refresh.


      The problem: Right now I can apparently only set an incremental refresh schedule to run hourly every day of the week. The full refresh takes roughly three hours to complete. The full refresh overlaps the hourly refresh and I get this message: "Refresh Extracts Error: Refresh failed because the datasource was overwritten by another task during processing."


      Question: Is there a way to set the hourly incremental refresh to run only six days a week?

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          Matt Coles

          No, the closest the Admin could do to accommodate your schedule request would be an hourly schedule that runs all 7 days, but leaves a 3-hour gap in the wee hours each day, and another schedule that runs daily during that 3-hour period for you to use for the full refresh. But that's not the same as weekly.


          To do what you are looking for, you'll likely need to use tabcmd refreshextracts, calling that via the command-line in your own script that runs whenever you need the extracts refreshed. You should give your Admin a heads up that you want to do this, though.