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    Action Dashboard Filtering - Comparisons - Incremental and contribution %

    Henry Wong



      I have a dashboard where I'd like to be able to use the FULL DATA as 100% assume $100K. Let's say I select a filter to show me category x. Category x contributes 20% to the full profits $22K. Ideally, what I'd like to be able to do is if I click Category X, it'll give me the % compared to full in $ and %.


      Is there a way I can show this on my dashboard? 


      Secondly - is there a way my dashboard can be dynamic where by if I chose 2 variables, profit is $20K. By completing the 3rd variable, it shows that it increased my category x profit by $2K (10%)? So for example if category x consists of 3 variables (red, green, blue) is $22K


      Thank you!



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          Simon Runc

          hi Henry,


          I think I understand the first requirment...and hopefully this general method will help with the second (or you are able to explain it by adapting the attached).


          so the key to this is FIXED LoDs. FIXED LoDs aren't affected by "regular" filters, so we are able to have the total figure regardless of what is filtered...


          So first I created the LoD for total sales

          [Total Sales - LoD]



          and could then create the %age like this

          [%age Sales from Selection]

          SUM([Sales])/SUM([Total Sales - LoD])


          I've then used these measures (using an action to filter down the selected subCat(s)) in a viz so the Sales (as a contribution to total in $ and %) is shown when a subCat is selected.


          Hope this helps, and makes sense...but let me know if not.