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    Month over month


      Hello ,


      For a couple days  I have been trying to come up with a solution to my problem but I cannot seem to find the answer.  Maybe one of you can help.


      I want to see the month over month sales . I give an example let's take two months data December 2016 and January 2017 if i use the percentage difference in tableau  i get the result based on  total sales in December and January but practically i don't have total sales in January so i want to compare only one January 1-5     to the December 1-5.


      What are your suggestions and ideas for how to handle this?


      Thank you

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          Christina Gremore

          There are a lot of community posts and articles floating around about how to do this kind of MTD calculation. Here's one that I came up with:


          [Order Date]>=DATEADD('month',-1,DATETRUNC('month',TODAY()))


          DAY([Order Date])<=DAY(TODAY())


          If this resolves your issue, please mark my answer as correct. Thanks!