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    Calculated Fields support for Mapping Visualization

    J.R. Wilton

      Hi,  I am attempting to essentially get an adhoc group into a calculated field for a mapping visualization.  Since I know I can't put it in the calculated field, i am looking for a comparative way.  Currently I have something very simple as Country and revenue.  I want to be able to use a calculated field so that I can toggle the different custom shape base on several view such as enterprise view (all countries), continent view (country by continent) and so forth.  When I tried the traditional calculated field route such as


      CASE [Country]

      WHEN 'United States' then 'North America'

      WHEN 'Canada' THEN 'North America'

      WHEN 'Mexico' THEN 'North America'

      ELSE [Country] END


      Tableau doesn't recognize North America as a Geographic value and will not plot the country accordingly.  Has anyone had success in doing custom geographic shape in a calculated field.