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    Issue with using parameter as TOP N in filter



      Parameters give you a way to dynamically modify values in a TopN filters. Rather than manually setting the number of values you want to show in the filter, you can use a parameter. Then when you want to change the value, you open the parameter control and the filter updates. For example, when creating a filter to show the Top 10 products based on total profit, you may want to use a parameter instead of the fixed “10” value. That way, you can quickly update the filter to show the top 10, 20, or 30 products.


      Here is the issue I am facing - When I select all the products sub category then it shows correctly all Top N products. But when I select only one  sub category of products then it shows wrong number of Top N products. Please see attached screenshots.


      I appreciate if someone can explain why this is happening and solution for the same.