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    Issue to display proper values in Axis

    Srinija Jakkula

      Hi Team,



      We have a scenario to show the duration in which an employee is free between one project to the other in a selected date range, whereas some employees are assigned to the project sequentially while for others there is an overlap in assignment.

      We are showing the duration in gantt chart as difference between current assignment end date to the next assignment start date.

      We are facing an issue to show the duration in proper date range axis due to negative values as per below screenshot.

      Dispatch graph.png

      Dispatch graph 1.png

      The initial duration is -30 (Start date: 8/31/2016 and end date: 08/05/2016), So here even though the start date of an assignment is not in july it is displaying wrongly.


      Could someone suggest a solution where it should not take period back to 30 days.


      Attached the workbook…


      Thanks in advance