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    Joining data sources in Tableau 10 from calculated field

    Christopher Bajgier



      Since Tableau 10 now allows multiple databases to be joined together as one data source I was hoping to simplify a workbook I have to take advantage of the feature.


      Due to differences of the formatting of a key identifier in database A (ex. storeID = "corp00545") vs. database B (ex. locationID = "00545"), I had always needed to build a calculated field with a string function to strip the prefix (calculated field databaseA.locationID = "00545") before creating a relationship and blending the data in a worksheet. Now I'm trying to accomplish the same thing at the data source level and am not seeing the calculated field as an option for the join.


      Not sure if it's fair or practical to expect this to be available, but figured I'd ask in case there was a way or workaround to achieve this. Is it possible?