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    Color coding row

    sankalp N

      Dear All,


      I have a requirement, due to data sensitivity i am explaining with the sample data in product category we have Office supplies, furniture and technology based on the sales value the back ground color should change.  Example for furniture if the values are b/w 100-120 then lite green, if more than 120 then it should display dark green. Similarly for Office supplies 80-100 one color and greater than 100 other color, for technology 80-100 one color and greater than 100 other color.

      Pls see the attached file for clarification.



      Thank you.




      Office   Supplies8012090200
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          Brad Shuel

          Hi Sankalp,


          I believe you will need to create measures for each dimension value you would like to color differently. For example, for furniture, the calculated field would look similar to the following:


          If [Category] = "Furniture" then [Sales] End


          Category being the field that contains the value Furniture and Sales being the measure populating the crosstab.


          Repeat this for each Dimension value you would like to independently color (Office Supplies and Technology).


          Next, you can create a calculated field to color each individual measure we just created with a formula similar to the following:


          If Sum([Furniture Sales]) >= 100 OR Sum([Furniture Sales]) <= 120 then "Lite Green"

          Elseif Sum([Furniture Sales > 120 then "Dark Green"



          Repeat a similar formula with the desired changes for each dimension value (Office Supplies and Technology).


          From here the following link details the final steps. This link also contains a sample workbook:


          Conditionally Format the Color of Individual Columns in a Crosstab View | Tableau Software