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    last 5 years in box plot and 2016 in a line

    Lior Gil

      When comparing years according to monthly achievement, I would like to see in a graph only the max and min of each year for each month from 2011 to 2015 (with box plot - each year different color and have the shape of a circle).

      Additionally I would like to have 2 separate line

      1. monthly result of 2016

      2. monthly average of 2011-2015


      so far managed to have only the box plot of 2011-2015 (and not only the max and min but all data), and to have the average line.

      how can I add 2016 separately?


      in the attached I have painted in Paint the Line I would like to create for 2016


      (I think I need to separate 2016 sales Fee's from the fees in 2011-2016 in order to create the ret line. but I have no idea how to do that)