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    Cross-tab Incorrect, Inconsistent results

    Jordan Tenjeras

      I'm trying to do a very simple cross-tab with the following:


      Columns: Sub Account (4 digit code, character: 1001, 1002, 2003...)

      Rows: PeriodDim (calculated dimension, date, first of the month: 2016-11-01, 2016-10-01 ,2016-09-01...)

      Marks: SUM(Revenue)


      this is sensitive financial data so I can't get into too many details but here's what I see in Desktop 10.1.1 (100100.16.1103.2343) 64-bit:

      there's nothing in 0000 and there's no SQL data for the category. The values in 1001 are correct.  The problem is 1002 (and 2002 as well as other columns not shown).  Each row represents a different category of business.  For all values in 1002 Tableau is subtracting what's in 1001 from what should be in 1002.  For the negative values there is no data in the MS SQL table.  For the first positive value Tableau has subtracted the 1001 value from what's in the SQL table and for the second positive value it's using what's in the SQL table.  I don't know why this second value isn't negative but if you look at the next row value in column 2001 you'll see it's exactly the negative of this value.